Antimix™ VC
TPC Inhibitor
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With the current natural and clean label trend, consumers are more aware of ingredients, they are checking food labels carefully before they buy. Handary has been partnering with customers for years to develop formulas free of unwanted ingredients. Our technical team can work with you to increase your product shelf life and stability with natural or clean label formulas.

Antimix™ VC is clean-label antimicrobial blend formulated by citrus juice powder and distilled vinegar, and has demonstrated a high efficacy against a total plate count (TPC) in condiments, RTE meals and raw meat and poultry.




Targeted microorganisms


Antimix™ VC


Dressings & Sauces

Total plate count (TPC)


RTE meals

RTE soup

RTE rice

Raw meat and poultry

Raw ham

Fresh Chicken breasts

Cooked meat

RTE turkey bologna

Key Benefits

-Inhibit total plate count

-Improve oxidative stability

-Clean labeling



Antimicrobials are not allowed in natural meat products. Vinegar is a rich source of acetic acid that is very effective against Listeria and is commonly used in natural and clean label processed meats.  Citrus juice is approved by US FDA as GRAS for use as an antimicrobial and preservative in all non-standardized food categories at levels up to 1.5g/kg of foods.