NisinZ® P

Ultrapure Nisin Z
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NisinZ® P is an ultrapure Nisin Z produced through fermentation using the bacterium Lactococcus lactis sourced from sauerkraut. Primarily, it serves as an active antimicrobial ingredient in dietary supplements and healthcare products. Additionally, it is being explored as a cancer therapeutic drug. 
• Active antimicrobial ingredient in dietary supplements and cosmetics
• Cancer therapeutic drug (Clinical trial Phase)
• Prolonged shelf life and survival
• Cost-efficient in use
Food-grade NisinZ® P: Functions as a food antimicrobial, extending the shelf life of dietary supplements.
Cosmetic-grade NisinZ® P: Utilized in skincare products, such as Anti-Staphylococcal Mastitis Breast Cream, and oral health products like Anti-Oral Biofilm Toothpaste and Antiplaque Mouthrinse.
Pharmaceutical Food-grade NisinZ® P (Nisin ZP)Investigated for its potential as a cancer therapeutic drug (Clinic trial Phase, For additional information, please click HERE
Nisin is globally approved as a food antimicrobial, with examples including Nisin CAS#: 1414-45-5 (US FDA), E#: E234 (EU EFSA), INECS/ELINCS #: 215-807-5. It has received FDA Investigational New Drug (IND) approval under reference number 167461.

It is recommended to use it after ensuring compliance with your local regulations.
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