Proteria® CP

Cultured dextrose
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Proteria® CP is a natural ferment of dextrose cultured with Propionibacterium acidipropionici and is mainly used to inhibit Molds in bakery products.
● Growth inhibition of Molds 
● Extended freshness and quality
● Natural, Clean label
Bakery products (e.g. Buns and rolls, Pan bread, Pizza crust, Sourdough, Tortillas).
Proteria® CP is recommended to be labelled as cultured dextrose, which are approved as GRAS (GRN No. 128) by FDA, USA and intended to use as an antimicrobial agent in cheeses, sauces, salad dressings, sausages, soups, deli salads, salsas, pasta, tortillas, muffins, cereal bars, sour cream, yogurt, and hash brown potatoes at a maximum level of 2 percent (w/w) in the finished product. The regulations governing the use of Proteria® CP vary considerably in the countries in which it is currently approved. Advice regarding the legal status of this product is available on request.   

It is recommended to use it after ensuring compliance with your local regulations.
Although baked goods are processed under high temperatures, molds and spores may still grow during the shelf life, which will cause, rancid taste, off-color and nutrient loss. Traditionally, propionic acid and its salts are used as a preservative to extend the shelf life of baked goods.
Proteria® CP is a clean label solution, is effective against Molds without compromising the quality, the freshness or taste of your baked products.
0.3% of Proteria® CP was added in a baked bread formula, which took 19 days to show the first mold on bread, whereas control samples were spoiled on day 7.  
The following example is for the purpose of reference, the application range of Handary products may have wider possibilities*